The Flag

flagCanada’s motto is “A Mari usque ad Mare” which is Latin for “From sea to sea”. The Canadian flag was designed by Dr. George Stanley in 1965 to represent this. The two red stripes are the two oceans on the east and west, and the maple leaf in the centre is a united Canada. Red and white had been the official colours of Canada since 1921 and the maple leaf had already been used as a symbol of Canada in early French settlements.

There are rules regarding the proper care of a flag. For example, you cannot use it as a tablecloth, you should not pin or sew or mark anything onto it, and when it is raised or lowered or carried past in a parade, it is proper to face the flag, remove any hats and remain silent. When more than one flag is flying, Canada’s flag must be positioned most prominently and on its own flagpole.

Each province and territory also has it’s own flag. You can see them all here.

PROJECT: Draw or paint a Canadian flag with a nice bright red. Look carefully at the maple leaf when you draw it — it has 11 points not including the stem.

BOOKS: Our Canadian Flag, written by Maxine Trottier, illustrated by Brian Deines, North Winds Press 2004

WEBPAGES: 10 Cool Facts about the Canadian Flag; George Stanley


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