snowThis has definitely been one of those old-fashioned winters I remember from my childhood: lots of snow, cold and ice with power outages and days off school. I loved winter then. I know most people are getting tired of it and thinking that it’s time for spring. And I am too, but these are some of my favourite things about a Canadian winter.

  • The peace and quietness of snow falling on a calm day.
  • The rosy cheeks and refreshment of being outside in the snow.
  • The wind howling around the house in a blizzard while I am tucked up next to a roaring fire.
  • The sparkles everywhere on a sunny day.
  • Sliding fast down a hill on a toboggan.
  • Skating outside at night on a frozen pond.
  • Amazing ice formations.
  • Discovering all the footprints left behind in the snow by visiting wildlife.
  • All the birds at the birdfeeder.
  • The knowledge that all this snow will filter down slowly to fill up our underground aquifiers.
  • The way a fresh snowfall can keep kids busy outside for hours.

Enjoy the last few weeks of winter everyone!


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