There are estimated to be between 500,000 to 1,000,000 moose in Canada. They live pretty much anywhere that there are forests with snow cover in the winter, and plenty of water in the form of streams, ponds, lakes, or swamps. There were no moose in Newfoundland until 1904 when four moose were brought over from New Brunswick. They liked it and there are now plenty of moose there.

Here is a page of facts about moose to print: Canadian Geographic Moose Facts


Here is a link to a Canadian documentary on Moose and why their population seems to be declining: Moose: A Year in the Life of a Twig Eater (only available to view online in Canada). Warning for young children: In the second half of the documentary, the researcher finds the smallest calf has been killed by wolves.

Notebook Pages:

Colouring Page

How to Make a Clay Moose

Our plan is to make a small collection of Canadian wildlife this year. You can either use plasticine or bakeable clay such as Sculpey. My son, Jed, provides some directions in the pdf above.



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