Picture Books: Central Canada


This post is part of a challenge to write a post every day for 31 days: 31 Days of Canadian Picture Books. Instead of writing a new post every day, I have added a new book that we have enjoyed reading as a family every day to one of four posts which cover all of Canada.

morning_on_the_lakeMorning on the Lake

Author: Jan Bourdeau Waboose, a Nishinawbe Ojibway has written a few picture books about Native life. You can see her other picture books here.

Illustrator: Karen Reczuch lives in Ontario and has illustrated several other picture books. One that I have not yet read but would love to is called Loon. You can see more of her work here.

This is a picture book with chapters. It tells three stories of a little boy with his grandfather exploring the outdoors in northern Ontario.

findingwinnieFinding Winnie

Author: Lindsay Mattick is the great granddaughter of Captain Harry Colebourne who brought the bear along with him from Winnipeg, to the London Zoo in England. Here is a link to a conversation she had with Eli Yarhi for the Canadian Encyclopedia. She lives in Toronto.

Illustrator: Sophie Blackall was born in Australia and now lives in New York, but here is a post from her blog where she describes the making of this book – it is worth reading!

This is such a sweet story about the bear who was the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh. It is written as a story within a story, and is based on real life.

perfectsnowPerfect Snow

Author and Illustrator: Barbara Reid illustrates her books with pictures made out of plasticine. Her husband Ian Crysler photographs her artwork for her books. She has an amazing website which you can visit here. We enjoy watching the videos of how she creates some of her pictures. There is even a book about her called Barbara Reid by Jennifer Sutoski.

This book helps to bring out the magic of winter and enough snow to make snow forts and snowmen and why you would spend long enough outside that your mittens would be wet and your hands are frozen, but you wouldn’t be quite ready to come inside just yet. Our other favourites are Picture a Tree, and Subway Mouse.

foxesFoxes on the Ridge

Authors: Leon E. Pavlick was the Curator of Botany for the Royal British Columbia Museum for 20 years, but he was born in southeastern Manitoba which is the setting of this book and the two others in this trilogy. Ann M. Pavlick is the co-writer and wife of Leon.

Illustrator: Lissa Calvert is an amazing wildlife artist living in Sooke, British Columbia. You can see her artwork here.

This is a beautiful story of the life of a fox over a year. This is just one of the books in a trilogy – the others are: Red Pines on the Ridge and Aspens on the Ridge.

dragonflyDragonfly Kites

Author: Tomson Highway is a musician, playwrite, novelist and now picture book writer. He is Cree and was born in Manitoba although he lives in northern Ontario and Quebec now.

Illustrator: Julie Flett is Cree-Metis and has illustrated several picture books in her unique style. You can see more of her picture books here. (This book was first published with Brian Deines as illustrator.)

This book is a reminder of what childhood looks like minus technology. The world is full of possibilities. This story is also written in Cree.

from-poppaFrom Poppa

Author: Anne Carter lives in Ontario and has had a very eventful and interesting life. She has written several stories. You can read about her here.

Illustrator: Kasia Charko also lives in Ontario and has illustrated many children’s books. You can see them here.

This book is special because it is about a grandfather who carves wooden ducks or decoys. I love the pictures of the carving workshop.

wintertaleA Winter’s Tale

Author and Illustrator: Ian Wallace has a long list of interesting and successful picture books he has created, many of them about places in Canada. He was born and went to school in Canada, but now lives in Massachusetts.

I love the idea of winter camping… and so we enjoy reading this book as our way of experiencing it. Maybe one day if we get brave enough, we will try it. The rescue of a fawn tangled in fishing line adds an adventure and a happy ending.





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