East Coast Art

We are going to look at some paintings by four artists from the East Coast. You can explore their other amazing paintings if you wish to by clicking on their names.

On the east coast you might imagine that there would be wonderful sunrises over the ocean. Each of these paintings shows a sunrise in a slightly different way. Which do you like best?

Along with the paintings is a poem by Lucy Maude Montgomery which captures in words the beauty of a sunrise.


Adam Young – Brown’s House – Newfoundland

Athwart the harbour lingers yet
The ashen gleam of breaking day,
And where the guardian cliffs are set
The noiseless shadows steal away;
But all the winnowed eastern sky
Is flushed with many a tender hue,
And spears of light are smiting through
The ranks where huddled sea-mists fly.


Louise Mould – Sky Infusion – Prince Edward Island

Across the ocean, wan and gray,
Gay fleets of golden ripples come,
For at the birth-hour of the day
The roistering wayward winds are dumb.
The rocks that stretch to meet the tide
Are smitten with a ruddy glow,
And faint reflections come and go
Where fishing boats at anchor ride.

Upper Island Cove

Cara Kansala – Upper Island Cove – Newfoundland

All life leaps out to greet the light
The shining sea-gulls dive and soar,
The swallows whirl in dizzy flight,
And sandpeeps flit along the shore.
From every purple landward hill
The banners of the morning fly,
But on the headlands, dim and high,
The fishing hamlets slumber still.


Reilly Fitzgerald – Working on the Nets – Newfoundland

One boat along beyond the bar
Is sailing outward blithe and free,
To carry sturdy hearts afar
Across those wastes of sparkling sea;
Staunchly to seek what may be won
From out the treasures of the deep
To toil for those at home who sleep
And be the first to greet the sun.

Sunrise Along the Shore by Lucy Maude Montgomery

These beautiful paintings should give you a feel for what artists see on the east coast: the ocean, colourful houses, wonderful sunrises/sunsets, boats, and fishermen as well as other things.

The style of each painting is quite different, but they all include a beautiful sky. Sunsets and sunrises can be amazing, especially over water as the lovely colours are reflected in the water as well. Usually the rising or setting sun turns the sky colours that are warm: red, orange, and yellows. However, while the water reflects the light from a sunrise, the surrounding land, buildings or trees are usually dark or cool colours.

Notebook Pages: East Coast Art

Activity: Now it is your turn to create a beautiful painting. Use the paintings above to get ideas for what to put in your picture, and how you want to paint your sunrise. You can check out this pinterest board if you need more ideas.


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