Picture Books: Northern Canada


This post is part of a challenge to write a post every day for 31 days: 31 Days of Canadian Picture Books. Instead of writing a new post every day, I have added a new book that we have enjoyed reading as a family every day to one of four posts which cover all of Canada.

inuksukI is for Inukshuk

Author and Illustrator: Mary Wallace lives in Ontario but has a fascination for the north, visiting Nunavut many times, and has written and illustrated a few books about Inuksuit. She is also an art teacher and has written several books on making art.

We loved the paintings in this book! As well as learning a few words in Inuktitut, and a bit about the people who live in the far north, it is a beautiful pictorial representation of the Arctic. She has another book on how to make your own Inuksuk!

klondikecatKlondike Cat

Author: Julie Lawson is from Victoria, BC and has written lots and lots of books about Canada. Check out her website here.

Illustrator: Paul Mombourquette lives in Ontario and has illustrated another book that we love as well called Fog Cat.

This is a story about the gold seekers who traveled to the Yukon with big dreams. Who knew that bringing a cat along would prove to be such an excellent idea!

oldwaysThe Old Ways

Author: Susan Margaret Chapman lives in Ontario and has worked as a teacher-librarian and a primary school teacher.

Illustrator: John Mantha is an artist living in Ontario. He has illustrated many children’s books and among other things, designed coins for the Royal Canadian Mint. You can see some of his other artwork here.

This little story is a reminder of the usefulness of old ways of doing things because, sometimes the new ways will fail. A young boy finds out the advantage of knowing how to tell a good story, and the practicality of knowing how to build a shelter out of nothing more than snow. There really is much more to life than video games and T.V.

verylastVery Last First Time

Author: Jan Andrews lives in Ontario and loves to tell stories. You can see some of the other books she has written, and also listen to some of her stories here.

Illustrator: Ian Wallace has a long list of interesting and successful picture books he has created, many of them about places in Canada. He was born and went to school in Canada, but now lives in Massachusetts.

This is an adventure not many children get to experience – walking on the seabed under the ice. My daughter was pretty sure that she would not want to do it, but the artwork makes it look magical!

walktundraA Walk on the Tundra

Author: Rebecca Hainnu lives in Clyde River and teaches at an elementary school. She has also written a similar book called A Walk on the Shoreline. Anna Ziegler lives in Iqaluit. She has also contributed to several books about Inuit life.

Illustrator: Qin Leng was born in Shanghai, but now lives in Toronto. She has published several other picture books. You can view more of her work here.

A little girl and her grandmother go for a walk on the tundra, and the little girl finds out to her surprise, how every plant is special.




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