Abstract in Quebec

Abstract art is art that is usually not based on realism but rather on colour, shapes, brushstrokes, size, and scale. It does not depict something in the real world but something in the artists’ imagination. It can be a way of portraying emotions and feelings rather than things.


Fete aux lanternes chez les Sioux by Edmund Alleyn (1931-2004), Musee d’Art Contemporain de Montreal


Accelerateur chromatique by Claude Tousignant, Contemporary Art Galleries Association

I was not able to get permission to use the artwork of the artists below on this post, but the following links will take you to examples of their artwork which are worth viewing.

Foret et Reverie by Nada Kyriakos

Something’s Fishy by Glenna Tissenbaum

Notebook Page: Abstract in Quebec

Activity: Colour is often used to reflect emotions. For example, red is often used to represent strength, green can be used for harmony, blue for calmness, and yellow for confidence. You can also consider how lines can be used to create feelings – horizontal lines may feel calm, vertical lines may feel inspirational, zigzags may create a feeling of uncertainty, curvy lines may feel pleasant…

Think about what kind of feelings you want to create with your artwork and then create your own abstract painting using this Deep Space Sparkle lesson.


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