Provincial Birds

Here are some of the gorgeous birds that live in Canada. Each has been chosen, often by a citizen vote, as an emblem of the province or territory.



The Great Horned Owl (AB), The Great Grey Owl (MB), The Snowy Owl (QC)

Raptors and Raven:


Osprey (NS), Raven (YK), Gyrfalcon (NWT)

Game Birds:


Rock Ptarmigan (NU), Sharp-tailed Grouse (SK)

Water Birds:


Puffin (NL), Loon (ON)

Small Birds:


Blue Jay (PEI), Stellars Jay (BC), Chickadee (NB), Gray Jay (Canada)

Notebook Page: Provincial Birds

Activity: Make or buy a bird feeder and hang it where you can keep an eye on what birds visit. Birds will eat as much as you put out, so decide how much you want to provide each day and then put it out at the same time every day (morning or late afternoon are best). The best foods are black sunflower seeds and millet. You can also put out a suet feeder for extra energy when it is cold. Keep track of what birds visit your feeder and get to know a little about them.

  • Make a feeder: Feeding the Birds
  • Create a journal page: You can keep a written list or draw and label the birds you see.
  • Learn more about birds that may visit your feeder: All About Birds

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