Western Provinces

This week, with the help of photographers from flickr, we will just enjoy looking at some photos of lovely places in Western Canada, which includes Alberta and British Columbia.

Capilano Suspension Bridge CLIFFWALK Preview

Capilano Suspension Bridge Cliff Walk, BC – Photo by Jeremy Lim

Wintertime At Botanical Beach

Botanical Beach, BC – Photo by James Wheeler

Columbia Icefield, Canada

Columbia Icefields, BC – Photo by Gary Ullah

Hoodoo Country

Hoodoos, AB – Photo by Aaron

Rippled sand, Long Beach

Long Beach, BC – Photo by Ruth Hartnup

Activity: With the help of google maps or an atlas, find these places and mark them on your map of Canada. Which one would you like to visit?


3 thoughts on “Western Provinces

    • Lake Louise is beautiful – the water is such a gorgeous colour. I would like to canoe across the lake to the other side one day – I always wonder what it would have been like to be the first person to stumble into the valley.

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