Deciduous Trees

Every year in Canada certain types of trees change colour and drop all of their leaves. It is lovely to look at and there is a old saying that catching a falling leaf will bring you good luck.


Research Project:

Do some searching in your local library for some books on trees and autumn. Here are a few that we found:


Or you may want to check out this online book: The First Book of Trees.

Draw a tree in your nature journal and label its parts. Here is an example from Knowing the Trees:


Find the answers to these questions and any others that you may have, and include them in your nature journal.

  1. Why do some trees lose their leaves in the fall?
  2. Why do the leaves change colour?

It is a fun idea to make friends with a tree near where you live and visit it often over the year to see how it changes. For some ideas on how to do a tree study, check this out: TreeStudy.


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