I live in Canada. I have lived here for most of my life – first in the middle, then on one side, and now on the other. I have driven from one side of Canada to the other. It is a big country and because of that it is hard to feel intimately acquainted with it.

This is my attempt to fix that – getting to know it a bit at a time through things that I learn with my children. This school year (2016/17) my youngest is ready to learn and so we will be posting our weekly lessons here for anyone who wants to get to know Canada at a grade 1 or so level: Canada for Kids.

Hope you enjoy them.



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Looking for Tracks

We haven’t had a lot of snow this winter. Whenever we do get some, along comes a warm front and rain washes it all away. However, we did manage to get out on a couple days when there was snow to look for tracks.


Nature Walk:

If you have snow, get out and practice your detective skills. Follow tracks and figure out what they are the tracks of. What’s been going on that you didn’t know about?

Draw some of the tracks you find in your nature journal, or take some photos and print them out and stick them in.

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