Canada for Kids

These are short, weekly lessons for learning about Canada in the early elementary grades.

  1. Atlantic Canada
  2. Eastern Woodlands First People
  3. Provincial Flowers
  4. Moose
  5. Flying High (Canadian Flyer series)
  6. A Walk on the Beach
  7. Halifax Explodes (Canadian Flyer series)
  8. East Coast Art
  9. Quebec
  10. Lost in the Snow (Canadian Flyer series)
  11. Abstract Art
  12. Bonhomme Carnaval
  13. Central Provinces
  14. First People of the Prairies
  15. Provincial Birds
  16. The Group of Seven
  17. Canada Lynx
  18. Pioneer Kids (Canadian Flyer series)
  19. Terry Fox
  20. A Walk on the Prairie
  21. Western Provinces
  22. First People of the West Coast
  23. Provincial Trees
  24. All Aboard! (Canadian Flyer series)
  25. Walk in the Rainforest
  26. West Coast Art
  27. Sea Otters
  28. A Walk in the Mountains
  29. Northern Canada
  30. Northern Lights
  31. The Inuit
  32. Polar Bears
  33. Northern Art
  34. A Walk in the Tundra
  35. Crazy for Gold (Canadian Flyer series)
  36. Final Project

A few Canadian Picture Books to enjoy together!