Get to know Canada through journaling


Perhaps you keep a journal already – a nature journal, a gratitude journal, a personal journal… Journaling is a way of allowing your brain to process information in a more thoughtful and intentional way – it can involve writing, drawing, design, research, photography, etc., and it becomes something worth keeping.

Creating a journal can be done by any age simply by adjusting expectations. A young child just learning to write may create a journal mostly in pictures with a sentence or two dictated to an adult. As abilities increase, research assignments and more detail in the illustrations can be expected.

I have been messing around with keeping various kinds of journals over the past few years, and find it very satisfying. So I decided to try it with learning about Canada.

This is what you need to create a journal:

  • a spiral bound notebook like a sketchbook or scrapbook
  • pencil and eraser
  • fine-tip black pen
  • pencil crayons (or watercolours and brushes if you prefer)
  • glue stick and scissors
  • access to the internet and a library for research
  • a printer (colour or black and white depending on your preference)

Next, you need a list of subjects to journal about. You could come up with your own, or you could use the subjects here and here.

Then come up with questions about your subject. For example, what do you want to know about it? what makes it an important part of Canada? does it have a history? can you find a photograph or draw it? what facts can you find about it?

Do your research and then fill up a journal page with all the information you can find. Have fun!

I’m off for the summer, but hope to be back intermittently over the next year!

Learn through journalling